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We have the IT, Marketing and Web Development experience you need to get your next business idea or marketing initiative past the point of preparation.

We created these brands to help you

Website design & Content

creative Content solutions

Status26 power’s the Podum web design SEO standard.

We believe websites are not like mushrooms, do not feed them crap, leave them in the dark and expect to watch it grow. Today’s best performing websites are built realtime using real media and authentic brand voice, video, and text. 

Local Presence management 

more Phone Calls & leads

Status26 amplifies presence with RISE LOCAL listings.

Getting content optimized for discovery is what SEO is really all about. This includes your location and service area content. Amplify your local listings and location content to the top of search results with our presence management subscriptions. 

Hosting and IT Services 

Faster Website Load Speed

Status26 builds on the backbone of Zonedock WordPress Hosting.

Not all website hosting is the same. The more localized your hosting, the faster your site loads and the more secure your assets are the better your marketing performs. Hosting also ensures lead delivery and that you have quick and easy access to making changes to your website and emails.

Holistic digital marketing consulting needed to grow brands.

Do you need a complete marketing plan and proposal to reach new marketing goals?

We provide the audits, strategic planning, and monthly reports you need to achieve fantastic sales results. 

In Fact, We Even Guarantee the Results.

We create stunning marketing campaigns that convert customers.

Get more leads for your businesses today!

We do internet marketing consulting for licensed service providers, institutions, and home services professionals

  • franchises
  • schools
  • multi-location service area business
  • national brands
  • regional service providers

Status26 helps the brands we invest in to go to market faster and more efficiently

With a proven process that creates the right environment to get your marketing operations team moving in the right direction. Our products and team of experts are everything stakeholders need to get control of SEO standards and local digital presence management.

Start by Stopping Payments to Godaddy and HostGator

We don’t mind telling you how we do it after you start paying Us instead of Godaddy. Who wants to send thousands of dollars in marketing investment in ad spend to a $10 slow hosting account? Definitely not us!  🙂 

So, are you still interested?

We begin by setting you up with the proper modernized logos, faster website hosting for your live website and real-time website development using your authentic brand media and our awesome content marketing strategies. 

Why choose us


python coding and ninja Google guru skills too


faster nginx website hosting backbone


tremendous agency tools, experience, and resources


18 years plus local media experience


we are internet operations grunts who roll up our sleeves daily


we believe in smart contracts and reciprocity with brutal honesty


industry leadership from people who drink our own kool-aid


built on disrupting the broken web agency model

Marketing is all about relationships. The longer you have them the better it gets and the more you will be willing to invest in the future of the marketing relationship. 

     Mike Stewart

CMO @ Status26 Inc.

I have been in business for myself for 24 years. Status26 is the 1st SEO firm that has actually provided my company with significantly more return in growth than money spent.

– Steven Dietz – Southwest Recovery Services 

I feel that they are truly invested in the growth of our business.

– Robin Maloney – Spanish Schoolhouse

If Status26 had not hosted our site we are absolutely positive that our site would have crashed during the SharkTank Season Premier that launched our company. Thank you so much to John and Mike. 

– The Parkers – SleepingBaby.com 

Status26 is the real deal. They really made a difference to my business. I am so busy with new clients from my local search campaign that I am not getting home until 11pm most nites. 

-Lynn Busch Counseling in Fort Worth

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