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We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to drop by our site and look into our services. And we sincerely hope that you’ll make the decision to join the 100+ existing local businesses who made the decision to partner with us on their website, e-commerce, and online marketing needs.

Now that you’re here, you know exactly where to find us. We’re receptive to all of the following:

Email: info@status26.com

Just drop us a quick line with some info about you and your business and what you’re looking for out of your website/online marketing efforts.

Call: 817-783-4026

We’re a very responsive group. You’ll probably get a live person the first time out. If not, don’t panic. We’re likely just on another call and will get back to you pronto, usually within an hour or two.

Our Physical Address

2727 LBJ Freeway, Suite 740/Dallas, Texas. Now you know where we live, and you’re welcome to drop by to discuss your project.

And you really should give us a call. We can provide you with a free quote based on the specific needs of your project. We also hold an average user rating of 9.6 out of 10 on WEBSITE. And these are businesses in your own backyard. People you can trust.

Last But Not Least — Our Contact Form!

If you’d rather not call, email, or drop by, just send us a quick message here on the website. Fill in the following information, and we’ll get started!

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While you’re at it, let us know your preferred method of contact, and we’ll do our best to respect your wishes. After all, the side-hustlers among you may need to squeeze in a call during company hours, and we certainly don’t want anyone getting in trouble.

Now Here’s Why You Need to Contact Us

  • You have a site, but it isn’t doing anything: yes, sites have a function beyond looking pretty and sharing your contact information. They should draw attention, establish your authority, and give customers a place where they can learn enough to make informed buying decisions.
  • Your site is functional, but you still haven’t incorporated e-commerce: we help you install and operate your e-commerce website so that it becomes a place to reliably collect payments, information, and maybe even capture recommendations and referrals.
  • You know what your site should do, but you don’t have the time to do it yourself: your site should be landing at the top of Google search results. It should be attracting a following on social media. It should be putting you in a great position for paid marketing campaigns. But you don’t have the time to do any of that stuff because you’ve got a business to run. Let us take the weight off your shoulders.
  • You’ve juggled too much for too long: it’s certainly possible for you to take on everything yourself, but there is a finite number of hours in the day and only one You to go around. Be efficient. Focus on what you’re really good at, so we can focus on what we’re really good at.
  • Another company broke its promises: if you’re lucky, a bad company will simply not deliver the results they promised. If you’re unlucky, they not only failed to deliver, but they used tactics that got you blacklisted from Google. We’ve kept our promises for more than 15 years, and we can point you to any number of local, established businesses that will stand by our efforts.

If any of these sounds like you, then scroll back to the top of this page and choose how you want to touch base. We’re ready to help!

And one last thing: we’re all about boosting your web presence. Assisting your content strategy. Developing a marketing plan that works. Generating more revenue for your business. But we also can help you in off-site ways by integrating your web presence with your social media presence and helping you organically grow the number of testimonials to assist future promotion efforts.

If you’ve struggled with any of these issues, call, write or drop by. We want to hear from you.

It’s our belief the website and online activity of your business will produce some very “real world” results that create higher revenue and greater profits. We’ve arrived at this belief because we’ve actually seen it happen for scores of our clients. We know how to set a business on this path, and we’re ready to do it for you.

Ready to get your free quote or learn more about the services we offer? Click around the site to examine our Services or take that first step by using any of the contact methods on this page.


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