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How can we help you be easy to find?

Marketing is in a golden age. Businesses today have the ability to track the effectiveness of almost every dollar to ensure ad-spend is being well-used. This makes some companies in our sphere uncomfortable because they’re not particularly good at delivering results for their clients. It behooves them to keep you in the dark so they don’t have to justify what you’re paying them.

Not us.

At Status26, we believe the more you know about your marketing efforts, the better we’ll perform. And the better we perform, the more satisfied you’ll be. Our approach to marketing is simple. Make our clients easy to find and only spend money if it gets them in front of the right people. Here are some of the methods we use to make this possible.



SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most cost-effective ways to drive visitors to your website.  This because your ad only displays if it is relevant to the terms the user typed in. To increase the likelihood of a conversion, you have to make sure the content on the other side of the click aligns with the search terms.

The bulk of SEO issues are solved with the proper hosting, theme framework, and process of publishing content. It sounds complicated, we know, but here’s a little secret, and it’s one that goes back to high-quality content: if you’re creating content based on what your audience is looking for, the complexities take care of themselves.

Effective technical SEO is about publishing content to search engine crawlers standards. It is not magic or based on manipulative spammy factors like a large volume of low quality backlinks. Google doesn’t promote spammers to the top of search results anymore.  

High-quality content

drive customer engagement

We pride ourselves on creating great content, but we’ll be the first to admit: we’re not the real experts here. You are. You’re the most precious asset we have for being able to create the kind of content that attracts leads to your business and turns those leads into customers.

That’s why, whenever we bring on a new content-client, we ask a series of questions to get a feel for who their clients are and what keeps them up at night. We want the content to seem as if it was written or created by you. Your voice. Your same comfort level with the subject matter. Your participation helps us to get a content plan off the ground so that it doesn’t consume all of your time and energy. What are some of the questions you can expect us to ask?

  • Who is your typical customer? How old are they? Why would they need your product or service?
  • What are some possible issues they might face after the sale?
  • What is your business philosophy?
  • What are some industry trends that you have your eye on?
  • What are some of your customers’ most frequently asked questions?

That’s just a sampling. But you can see from how it forces specific answers that it can lead to some pretty great content — content that speaks directly to what your customers are after, and content that would not be possible without your guidance.



Local search results have changed the way many small businesses do business. It has eliminated many of the costs and heavy lifting business owners were previously forced to do in addition to creating the products and providing the services that kept their companies afloat.

Thanks to local search, it is possible to find a highly-targeted group of customers at late stages of the buying funnel. We’re talking people who are ready to give you their money. They just need to see your company name when they break out their phones and type in a search inquiry.

Local search works better than previous search marketing tactics for a very simple reason: it limits the number of competitors you have to deal with, and it does it at a fraction of the cost. Improving your local search results is imperative to ROI. At Status26, we commit to getting you there through doing the work that few others are doing.



Pay per click is a smarter way to go about spending your advertising dollars. There is a version of it on virtually every platform, whether social media or search engine. In a nutshell, it means your ad is displayed free-of-charge based on the search terms the user types in. You only pay if someone clicks the ad and goes through to your landing page or a call is placed to your business.

These clicks are valuable because clicks signify interest. And once that interest is established, retargeting gives you the ability to put your ad back in front of that lead at a later date, assuming the initial click did not convert.

The trick to winning at paid search is doing it in the proper steps. First thing is setting up call and form conversion tracking, then setting up retargeting, next step is simply overlapping on your organic and local search keyword ranking results to amplify your share of voice and then we focus on going after the clicks that bring the best possible leads without the wasted ad spend.  

Proceed to Building Your Tribe

Another marketing aspect we at Status26 can help you with is establishing an ongoing connection with your audience. You might think that translates into pouring all your efforts into social media. After all, that’s where everyone is, so it must be easy, right?

Well, not so much.

Yes, there are more eyeballs to pull from on sites like Facebook and Twitter, but the attention that stays on a social network very seldom generates revenue. To convert your lead into a paying customer and hopefully create repeat business, you need to get those leads away from social media and onto your site.

When they’re on your site, there’s a better chance they’ll sign up for your email list. After they’ve opted in, it’s easier to ensure any special deals and offers are seen. And best of all, you no longer have to pay for access, which frees up more of your ad-spend to create more leads and conversions.

Great Business Demands Great Marketing

If you’re tired of being drowned out in the social media or search engine echo chamber, we have the tools, tactics, and training to get your business seen, noticed, and embraced. We’re ready to help in any way that we can, so contact us today with any questions you have or to get started with our marketing services.



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