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Pay Per Click Makes Your Money Work for You

Stop Wasting Money and Increase Market Share

You’ve seen the ads on your Internet browser. They come whether you’re searching for something on Google or Facebook or any number of websites that use advertising as a primary revenue generator.

On Google, they’re usually the first two listings at the top and the bottom three. Facebook generally incorporates theirs into the sidebar. It’s called pay per click advertising, and it’s one of the most economical ways to reach a highly-targeted audience with your product or service. 

Essentially, you pay nothing unless someone clicks the ad. If they click, you can assume a certain level of interest that could result in that person becoming a highly-qualified lead or, with a little more nurturing, a paying customer.

At Status26, our goal is to help you build a pay per click campaign and strategy that works. Here’s how we do it.  


We Start with the Messaging

What makes pay per click advertising so effective is the relevance of the messaging to what the user is searching online. Consumers today are much smarter about what they want and how to get it. So you have to understand the questions they’re asking and what their primary motivations are to buy.

You know your customers better than anyone, so we work with you to drill down into that buying motivation. We help your customers envision the benefits of your product or service, so they can see how it will impact their lives for the better.

Once we understand what your ideal customer is searching for (and why they’re searching for it), we can help you build keyword-targeted ads that place highly on high-traffic websites.


We Target Local

Many of our clients serve customers in Dallas and its surrounding areas. That’s a pretty big net, and it’s filled with the opportunity to rank highly for relevant inquiries on the most popular search engines and social networks.


We Test Regularly 

An effective PPC campaign always tests against itself to grow conversion rates. This process is known in the marketing community as A/B testing. Think of a boxing match. Ad A is your “champ” — the breakout advertisement that generates the most results. Ad B is the challenger that comes along trying to knock said champion off his throne.

If ad A is driving 70 percent conversions from the people who see it, that’s great. But the only way you’re ever going to get that up to 80 percent is if an ad B can come along to eclipse it. Our belief in regular testing to ensure maximum ROI helps drive our clients’ online marketing success.

But we also know you’ve got a business to run, which means limited time to sit down and pound out ad copy or do the data analysis necessary to even know what works. That’s not your forte, nor should it be. While we’re more than happy to walk you through it and demonstrate how it works, we understand that it detracts from your being able to focus on the customer. And it’s an honor to help you grow a bigger customer base anyway, so let us worry about it!


We Use Organic Results to Reduce Your Costs

Pay per click costs money, but how much money depends on how effective your organic search ground game is. In other words, what are you doing to get free traffic?

Many businesses overlook this aspect of their PPC or they think of it separately when it’s really not. See, it takes relevant, helpful content to build buzz and draw people to your website without any investment. That means understanding what people are searching for online, what specific terms and phrases they’re using, where they live and work, and any other details that might be relevant to who they are. 

Creating content and landing pages based around that information means you’ll stand out most of your direct competition. That will help you rank higher for the search terms your advertising campaign targets, and it will lead to a lower cost of customer acquisition. That is, you’ll spend less on advertising to win each new customer.


We Make It Easier to Convert

Once your lead has clicked an ad, you have to take them somewhere that will make them want to buy your product or service or, at the very least, leave their email address or preferred contact information for further inquiry.

This next location — referred to as a “landing page” — needs to be optimized with relevant features, benefits, and buying information. In short, it needs to make it easy for your lead. Your goal should be to transform them into a paying customer.

It’s time to get more out of your marketing dollars. We can help you do that with pay per click, and we’re eager to help. Contact us today to take the next step!


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