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Simple Search Engine Optimization Works Best

SEO is most importantly all about your customers search experience

Search engine optimization, or SEO, gets sold as a form of Internet rocket science when the principles of doing it effectively are quite simple. Just answer the questions that people are asking related to your business.

That’s it.

Do it in a manner that is competent, clear, and concise. And if you do, then not only will the search engines love you, but, more importantly, your target audience will as well. There’s a little more to it, but not much. At Status26, we help our customers find their voice and match that with their expertise. We then help you handle the back-end bells and whistles to ensure a clean and uniform presence with regard to SEO. Here’s how we do it.

Keyword Targeting

When you create great content — always the first and most important step for SEO — you naturally target certain industry-specific word groups. We’re able to use our tools and resources to determine the keywords and keyword phrases you should be targeting. We’re then able to help you build out your site’s metadata so that images and tags are relevant to whatever content you’ve posted. Same goes for landing pages and other parts of your website. This allows a search engine or social network to index your site in the most accurate way possible so it can accurately deliver your results to the most applicable user.

This may result in fewer people seeing your ad or content. But the people who do see it will be the ones most receptive to it. As a result, you’ll spend less, get higher conversion rates, and stand a better chance of changing lives. When that happens, good word-of-mouth starts to build and the process takes care of itself. But there’s one additional element that most SEO companies fail to target.


At Status26, it’s important to learn about what you do. But our obsession with your success goes beyond that. We also look at the areas in which you’re most likely to do business. Consider the Dallas area, for example. If you’re a plumber in Dallas, it does you little good to target generic plumbing-related keywords because, in doing so, you’re competing on a national scale for customers that realistically will be confined to the suburbs and neighborhoods where you do business.

We go the extra mile to learn your coverage area in a more granular way. That allows us to target geo-specific terms that no one else is. It also ensures that when someone in your coverage area is looking for a plumber, you come up at the top of their search results. And the higher you place, the more likely you’ll be getting a call or email asking for an appointment or emergency service.

This especially is valuable in cities like Dallas that are comprised of smaller communities like Preston Hollow, the Arts District, Pleasant Grove, Lakewood, Junius Heights, and Caruth Terrace. If you lived in or around any of these areas, wouldn’t you be more likely to search for a product or service provider near that location? SEO that gets down into the weeds like this is more likely to attract a lead who’s ready to buy.

Driving Organic Results

SEO and hyperlocal targeting are vital to growing your business, particularly when you have a limited advertising budget. No small business can compete with a national chain that’s capable of paying top-dollar for the most commonly-searched keywords in their given niche. And even if you could afford to pay for it, you shouldn’t.

It’s unnecessary and wasteful when you can use your knowledge with our SEO expertise to drive organic (read free) search results that get people into your marketing funnel and lead to generated revenue.

Of course, in a perfect world, you’d be able to get all of your business from organic search. But that’s not realistic if you want to grow at a healthy clip. Still, a well-executed plan that drives organic results gives you, and us, more revealing data about how to target paid advertising campaigns. In other words, we can use that free data to stretch your dollars further than they would ordinarily go. Attention to these elements makes for a larger overall return on investment.

The Future of SEO Is Local

Not only is the future of SEO local, it’s already here. To get the most out of your efforts, you need to be partnering with a company that knows the geography and knows how clients are searching and where, specifically, they’re searching from. At Status26, we pride ourselves on our local knowledge and passion for the area. Our clients have remained near the top of Google search results for more than a decade and counting, and we’re eager to help you get there as well. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your SEO efforts.

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